Klaus-Uwe Mitterer

Software and Systems Engineer

My name is Klaus-Uwe Mitterer, better known as Kumi, and I am a desktop and web developer, systems engineer, translator and consultant based in Graz, Austria.

I also own Kumi Systems, an established specialist in the fields of web development and web hosting. In addition, we also offer custom IT solutions for almost any imaginable scenario.

I am currently available for hire on a per-project basis. Please just get in touch if you are interested – I usually respond within 24 hours.


Software Development

I am familiar with many key software development technologies and programming languages, including Python3, Java, PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, allowing me to find suitable solutions for any problem.

Server Management

Not only do I have numerous certificates in the field of server administration, I also have plenty of first-hand experience managing all sorts of server operating systems (such as Linux and Windows) and software, including, of course, common web and mail server software.

Open Source

One of my passions is exploring use cases for Free/Libre and Open Source Software in business environments. Rather than paying exorbitant license fees, support the development of secure, high-performance, extensible, ethical community-driven software!


I have spent a lot of time abroad, including half a year in Australia, and have worked as a language teacher and as a freelance translator. In addition to my native German, I am fluent in English, with good negotiating skills.

Work Experience

2018 - Current


Kumi Systems e.U.

Austria, Graz

2015 - Current



Austria, Thörl

2012 - 2018

Software Developer and Translator




Software Developer (Java, SQL)

KNAPP Systemintegration GmbH

Austria, Leoben

2013, 2014

Software Developer (VBA, PHP)


Austria, Hart bei Graz


2019 - Current


University of Graz

Austria, Graz

2015 - Current


University of Graz

Austria, Graz

2013 - 2015

Internet Technology


Austria, Kapfenberg


Study abroad

Fairhills High School

Australia, Melbourne

2008 - 2013

School for Business and Commerce

BHAK Bruck/Mur

Austria, Bruck/Mur



I'm interested in a variety of literary styles and genres, including fiction and non-fiction alike. In my free time, you may find me reading anything from Harry Potter to the instruction manual for a food processor. And from time to time, I'll also try my hand at blogging (German) or even poetry (English).


Trying to get to know as much of the world as possible, I have visited numerous countries all throughout Europe and beyond. I am always open to private and business travelling opportunities.


Everything from building and fixing computers to setting up networks and developing web and desktop applications. I enjoy doing what I do for a living and I keep up with all the latest developments in these fields. I also feel passionately about related policy issues such as access, privacy and intellectual property rights.

Sternäckerweg 51a/2
8041 Graz
Phone Number
+43 670 2083579
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